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Who's That Girl?

Jiselle Madison Parker is the Founder & CEO of GenderFabulous.  She is a healer, advocate, writer, and performer who centers love, compassion, and unity in her work.  Jiselle has worked in community advocacy for over 10 years, specifically community initiatives that uplift LGBTQ+ folks, People of Color (POC), and those who are most socioeconomically oppressed.  As an out and visible Queer Trans Woman of Color she understands resilience and the healing power of love.  Jiselle's work has given her the opportunity of being a guest at the White House for the Annual Transgender Community Briefing, a featured spoken word artist on the first International All TRANS mix-tape TRANS TRENDERS, a Keynote Speaker at Rutgers University for the NJ Trans Youth Forum and featured in the photo exhibit Shine 100 women of Long Branch.
Fabulous SPEAKS 
Creating Safe Space and Living Authentically is a conversational workshop that will inspire you to live bigger and love harder by establishing three core principles: trust, vulnerability, and faith. This workshop starts with five minutes of guided meditation and leads into a personal, in-depth conversation about navigating school, work, home, and social life.  Through community building exercises, we will build connections among the participants as well as establishing greater individuality for everyone.  This is a great workshop for anyone who is looking to build more self-confidence and self-esteem through talking about trust, vulnerability, and faith - the three principles necessary for creating safe space.
The Exploration of Love and Dating is a conversational workshop that examines our dating experiences and the journey. The workshop is interactive, we will engage in group activities including group discussion, sharing personal stories, and reflective writing.  This is a great workshop for anyone that wants to move beyond the barriers of past heartbreak and cultivate sacred space where love is bountiful and abundant.
My Awkward Manifesto is inspired by the awkward girl manifesto that is my life, my thought was “ I can’t me the only one.” This interactive workshop. We will reflect and share our awkward experiences through individual and group activities. From the casual run-in to those life shifting aha moments this workshop aims to cultivate safe space for collective reflection and empowerment. Participants will leave this workshop more self-compassionate by finding joy and beauty in their quirks.
 Trans/Queer/LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion is a conversational and educational workshop where we explore ways to make spaces more affirmative, safe, and inclusive for gender and sexual minorities.  This workshop is idea for service providers, community leaders, and allies of Trans/Queer/LGBTQ+ folks.  The structure of this workshop is fluid and primary focal topics will shift based on the needs and interest of participants.  Throughout the workshop we will discuss the potential barriers and oppression that gender and sexual minorities navigate --- and the ways we can collectively remove and dismantle those barriers to cultivate spaces where Trans/Queer/LGBTQ+ Folks are affirmed, honored, and have equity.  The session will be a combination of lecture, group discussions, as well group and individual exercises..
Fabulous SPEAKS


Have us  come out to your next event or conference.  Fabulous SPEAKS is about creating aha moments, it's a conversation -- a collaboration between you and us. 



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